Concerning the frame of minimal prime ideals of pointfree function rings

Abstract. Let L be a completely regular frame and RL be the ring of
continuous real-valued functions on L. We study the frame O(Min(RL))
of minimal prime ideals of RL in relation to L. For I 2 L, denote by
OI the ideal f 2 RL j coz 2 Ig of RL. We show that sending I to the
set of minimal prime ideals not containing OI produces a -dense one-one
frame homomorphism L ! O(Min(RL)) which is an isomorphism if and
only if L is basically disconnected.
frame, ring of real-valued continuous functions on a frame, minimal prime ideal, basically disconnected. Subject Classication[2000]: 06D22, 54E17, 18A40. The author acknowledges nancial assistance from the National Research Foundation of South Africa.



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